Rec Room Games and Music For Sale

Why are these items being sold?
Amusement companies are constantly being asked to provide the latest technologies for their accounts. Certain items, although still fully functional, are not able to be provided to their cudstomers because the customers want the latest and greatest equipment. Therefore, the amusement companies have all of this unusable - and therefore saleable - equipment in their warehouses. Selling these items clears space in their warehouses and provides them with money which can then in turn be used to buy the newer technologies.

Why is League Central helping amusement companies to sell these items?
League Central has been affiliated with multiple amusement companies since 1989. As a service to these companies and to provide players with an opportunity to purchase games and jukeboxes for home use at a fraction of their original cost to the companies.

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Video Games
Pool Tables
Dart Boards
Pin Ball Games
Foosball Tables

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